New Samsung projector has Game Pass built in for gaming

New Samsung projector woman gaming on the ceiling

New Samsung projector woman gaming on the ceiling

Samsung partnered up with Xbox a number of years ago to promote the Xbox Game Pass app, which is built into most modern Samsung TVs. But now you can use the app to stream games on a projector for that cinematic vibe.

The Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 is the South Korean company's latest portable projector, and it is the follow-up to last years model. It can project an image of up to 100 inches in size on any surface you want, making those home cinemas a reality.

The kicker this time around, though, is that it features the full Tizen operating system found on Samsung smart TVs, including the Samsung Game Hub and Xbox app.

New for 2023, you'll be able to stream your Game Pass games over the internet and directly display a mammoth image anywhere you want sans console. Considering the portable nature of the Freestyle, it means that you'll be able to take the projector anywhere and instantly game on a 100-inch display.

The Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 is no slouch when it comes to specs either. It has a 1080P resolution, HDR, built in speakers, and Bluetooth support so you can connect all kinds of wireless peripherals.

The Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 is up for pre-order in the US right now for $799.99, but currently has no UK/Europe pricing or pre-order available.

So, for those that love the visual impact a projector brings but also want to game without having all those pesky wires hooked up, it looks like you might want to check out the Samsung Freestyle Gen 2.

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