New Samsung Galaxy Buds update puts you into the future

Galaxy AI logo next to Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2's various colours
Credit: Samsung

Galaxy AI logo next to Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2's various colours
Credit: Samsung

After the recent Samsung Unpacked event, it's clear that the company is making a big push on AI, with the unveiling of Galaxy AI for its line up of S24 smartphones - but even Galaxy Buds are getting some nifty AI features in an upcoming update.

One of the major Galaxy AI features in the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 line of phones is Live Translation, which gives you real-time translation. It's kind of implied in the name, but it's a nifty AI feature that actually helps a lot of people, even if Galaxy AI is only free for a short time. However, if you own one of the best earbuds for music, you'll be getting this feature on your Galaxy Buds too - with a pricey catch of course.

As spotted by Android Authority, some recent Samsung Galaxy Buds models, those being the Buds 2 Pro, Buds 2, and the Buds FE are all set to receive Live Translation and Interpretation, two big Galaxy AI features, according to an emailed press release. Considering how many people wear earbuds when they're out and about, these are certainly helpful if you're planning to go to a foreign country soon or the like.

A press email sent to users for Galaxy Buds update with Galaxy AI features
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Credit: Samsung / Android Authority

Of course, like all good things in life, there's a requirement. For now, Live Translation and Interpretation are limited to those using their Galaxy Buds when paired with an S24 phone. However, it could be expanded to those with S23 phones when Galaxy AI features come to the S23 line up. However, S22 users will miss out on Galaxy AI.

That being said, this is certainly a great update for those of you looking to upgrade your smartphone to the S24 series or wanting to pick up some earbuds for your new phone. It's also the closest thing to those sci-fi translation gadgets we've seen plenty of times in our favourite movies or shows, so that's another bonus.

And if you want to pair that with some other Samsung-related accessories, you might want to keep an eye out on the Samsung Galaxy Ring release date for a handy health and wellness tool that doubles as a stylish ring.

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