Elgato's New Neo Products Aim to Power Office Workers Over Gamers

Monitor surrounded by Elgato Neo microphone, Stream Deck, Webcam, Capture, and Light
Credit: Elgato

Monitor surrounded by Elgato Neo microphone, Stream Deck, Webcam, Capture, and Light
Credit: Elgato


  • In a surprising move, Elgato has announced a new line of products that moves away from its roots in gaming and streaming
  • Called Elgato Neo, five existing Elgato products have been given the Neo treatment
  • The Neo products are focused on office and remote workers, and the list includes the beloved Stream Deck among others

Elgato is synonymous with gaming and streamers. Not only is the company known for its extraordinarily popular Elgato Stream Deck, a central point of customisation and control for streamers during in order to make their livestreams easier, but also its capture cards and other assortment of gadgets.

If you've been eyeing up the pre-orders for Fallout x Elgato Stream Deck, but cautious of an expensive purchase as you're not a streamer, then Elgato's latest product line may be for you. Announced today, Elgato Neo aims to power general audiences and office workers, rather than gamers like the company is known for.

Moving away from your general audience is a daring move, but one that Elgato is seemingly happy to take. The launch of Neo brings five versions of Elgato products in a new direction, including a new version of the beloved Stream Deck.

The biggest member of the Neo family is obviously the aforementioned Stream Deck. Just like the gaming equivalent, the Stream Deck Neo allows users to apply certain actions to one of eight keys, but two buttons allow you to switch between endless menus for ridiculous amounts of customisation.

Elgato is also releasing the Facecam Neo, Wave Neo, and a Key Light Neo as an alternatives to the best streaming webcam, microphone, and best streaming light. Strangely, the most out-of-place product is the Game Capture Neo, which is, for all intents and purposes, practically a standard capture card.

In all honesty, I've been tempted by Elgato's line up of Stream Decks before, but I'm not a streamer by any means. However, the Stream Deck Neo is a very tempting offer, especially with the focus on remote working instead of content creation.

It remains to be seen whether Elgato's push towards general audiences and office workers will be successful. At the very least, it's a promising start for those not in the world of streaming.

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