Netflix Game Streaming won’t work on Apple TV, but will on other SmartTVs

Netflix Game Streaming won’t work on Apple TV, but will on other SmartTVs

Netflix Game Streaming won’t work on Apple TV, but will on other SmartTVs

The new Netflix Game Streaming service is making its way to a number of SmartTV devices, but Apple TV hardware has been left in the dust.

Currently, Netflix Gaming has released a number of games on mobile hardware. Titles such as Into the Breach, Immortality and more have released on Android and iOS that can be played on native hardware.

In order to bring these games to more platforms, Netflix Game Streaming will allow SmartTV users to stream games to their devices. Current and upcoming games such as Assassin’s Creed Jade will be playable through that service.

On most SmartTVs and devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire Sticks, these games will be playable through the native Netflix app. However, a Netflix Controller app will have to be downloaded on a mobile device to control games. For PC gamers, these games can also be controlled via keyboard and mouse.

While Netflix has explained that it wants its game service available on every SmartTV device, Apple TV users will not be able to access the streaming service due to longstanding restrictions on the platform.

Similar services such as Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now and Amazon Luna are unavailable on the Apple App Store. Instead, on devices such as iPhone and iPad, users must use custom clients made for the Safari browser.

Nevertheless, Netflix does plan on making its games available on the service, likely following its mobile strategy of releasing every game as an individual app.

Currently, Netflix Game Streaming is slowly becoming available in the UK and Canada with more regions planned for the future. The service launches with just two games: Oxenfree and Molehew’s Mining Adventure.

More games will be steadily added to the service, bringing the platform’s individual mobile games onto TVs such as Oxenfree 2, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and more.

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