Netflix error code M7111-1331 - how to fix the streaming issue

Netflix error code M7111-1331 - how to fix the streaming issue

Netflix error code M7111-1331 - how to fix the streaming issue

Nothing better than plopping our backs down on the sofa after a hard day of working and watch some good content on Netflix. Perhaps it's the latest Netflix Marvel show we don't want to miss out on. And what is more frustrating than getting an error? But do not fret, as we are here to help you fix Netflix error code M7111-1331.

There have been several reports of users getting the error recently and with the company making some important modifications to its policy lately, it is important to keep up to date with its latest decisions.

But still, we can try some simple fixes to circumvent the error, so let's see what to do to fix Netflix error code M7111-1331.

How to fix Netflix error code M7111-1331

Since this is usually a problem that pops up when using a browser when trying to stream a movie from Netflix, a simple fix you can try is by cleaning the cookies from your browser. Each browser has a different way to go about cleaning the cookies data, but usually, that entails going into options, the advanced tab and cleaning it.

If that still hasn't helped, another simple solution is to try another browser. Try alternating between Google Chrome (you might want to disable extensions as well) and Firefox and, also, Edge which is good at streaming movies in good quality.

If the issue is still popping up and you are using a VPN, you might want to disable it, as Netflix has been making more checks about VPNs in recent months. Finally, you definitely might want to check if it's Netflix itself having a problem, which you can do at DownDetector.

What is Netflix error code M7111-1331?

This error usually pops up when using a browser to access the movie streaming service. It is the sibling of the dreaded Netflix error code M7121-1331.

Netflix support describes it as "an issue with your browser settings stopped Netflix from playing". It might also be that your account is not allowed to stream movies on a browser, but only on a tablet. In that case, you only have to upgrade the account to fix it.

These are all the possible fixes for Netflix error code M7111-1331, but if you are having other problems you can check out our guide on how to fix Netflix black screen on Samsung TV and how to change Netflix region on iPhone.

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