NBA 2K22 Face Scan: How To Scan Your Face in NBA 2K22 With App

With the recent launch of NBA 2K22, players are now able to scan their own faces into the game. The NBA 2K22 face scan feature allows you to be a basketball pro. If you've longed of going toe-to-toe with LeBron, providing assists for Harding and Durant, or outscoring Chef Curry in a 3 point contest, now you can. And it won't require you to miraculously grow, and develop the motor skills of an elite basketball player either.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now scan your face into the game, and at least fleetingly feel as though you are a basketball God. In this article, we'll tell you how you can make that particular dream come true. We say dream. You've probably set the bar higher in life than that. Good for you. Here's what you need to know.

How To Scan Your Face in NBA 2K22 With App

There are three things you need in order to complete this process: A face (you can use any face you want, but we'd normally recommend your own) a smartphone, and a copy of the game. Once you've acquired these three magical items, we can begin our quest.

  • Start by downloading the MyNBA 2K22 app onto your phone. It will be available on both iOS and Android. The official Twitter feed has stated that the apps will be available soon. Presumably after resolving some teething problems.
  • Make sure your MyPlayer account has been set up, and connect it to NBA 2K22 and the MyNBA 2K22 app.
  • In the app, select Scan Your Face.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

You can redo this as often as you want, if you aren't entirely happy with the results.

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How to get the best possible NBA 2K22 face scan?

There are some additional tips courtesy of a help page, to help make you look as pretty as possible:

  • Try to be in an area with even lighting, to remove as many shadows as possible.
  • Hold the phone at eye level, about 18 inches away from your face.
  • And when you turn your head, keep your eyes facing forward, rather than locked on the phone.

Additionally, it will be the selfie camera on your phone that does the face scan. So the better your camera, the less likely you are to resemble a drawing on a balloon. Unless your face actually is a drawing on a balloon, of course.

But it is worth mentioning that no phone camera is going to be able to compete with the high-end cameras and tech that game developers use to create player likenesses, so do bear that in mind if you aren't quite as telegenic as your team-mates. But ultimately, who cares, as long as you are making it rain?

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