NASA starts ‘full force’ UFO study to see what's out there

NASA has had many successful space missions, but they have yet to identify any UFOs or confirm if aliens actually exist. It seems that NASA has had enough with the lack of alien contact, as the company plans on going “full force” on UFO studying.

Considering the lack of mainstream coverage when it comes to UFOs and aliens, it’s easy to assume they don’t exist. Looks like NASA is planning to get more aggressive with their research on UFOs. But how aggressive are they going to be on this relentless search?

NASA isn’t playing around

A recent announcement from NASA (via revealed that it will open a scientific study into UFOs, which have been rebranded to UAP. For those not in the know, UAP stands for unidentified aerial phenomena and NASA hopes to learn more about them soon.

The organization is hoping to study and identify whatever data they have on UFOs, in hopes to learn more about possible aliens. Daniel Evans, assistant deputy associate administrator for research at SMD, said “we’re going full force” on the study of UFOs for NASA.

"I'm hoping that we'll get this done by October," Evans said of the appointments. "But I will cross my fingers and say that we could be able to get it done sooner than that."

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Excitement for UFO studies

Unsurprisingly, the folks at NASA are very excited to see these UFO studies come to light, as they want to see what they can uncover. Even those in the UFO community, or UAP community, are excited to see what NASA has to uncover.

"NASA really is uniquely positioned to address UAP, because we know how to use the tools of science and data to discern what might be happening out there in the skies," Evans said. "And, to be frank, no other agency is trusted as much by the public as us."

We’re excited to see if NASA can actually uncover anything and if we’ll see proof of actual UFOs. Hopefully, something does come out of this, even if it takes years to happen.

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