NASA releases the sound a Black Hole makes online

Have you ever wondered what a black hole sounds like? Well, thanks to a new video from NASA, we know know just what sounds a black hole makes. They’re pretty terrifying.

NASA releases sounds of Black Hole

As NASA has tried very hard to discount, the belief that there is no sound in space is a misconception. While most of space is a vacuum, some objects and spaces near those objects allow frequencies — which can be converted to sound — to travel. One of these objects is a black hole.

Posted on the NASA Exoplanets Twitter account, footage was released of black hole audio. The sound is similar to that of groaning gasses, a guttural, sinister sound echoing through space.

Technically, these sounds are not typical vibrations. Instead they are the data of electromagnetic waves travelling from the black hole. Essentially, this is the closest approximation to sound we can get.

The sound was discovered by the Chandra X-ray Observatory which discovered the data in the Perseus cluster. Afterwards, NASA used the data to construct an audio sequence and then pitched it to become audible to humans.

The sound of a black hole is imperceptible to the human ear. However, after multiplying the original frequency by 288 quadrillion times, we can now listen to the terrifying sounds of space’s monster.

Have a listen below:

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The internet reacts

Of course, with a revelation as huge as this, the internet reacted appropriately to the news. Some were terrfied at the sounds, others were in awe, others posted memes.

For example, one users responded, “Space is haunted”, while another said, “this brings me absolutely zero comfort”. Other commenters simply posted images of people attempting to ward off demons.

However, by far the most popular response was for people to post their own studio. One person used the opportunity to Rick Roll NASA whilst others used different sounds, such as the theme song from Halo.

The audio is certainly memorable, and it’s another terrifying look into the great expanse. But is it nightmare fuel?

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