How to fix MW3 "Your data is corrupt" error

MW3 "Your data is corrupt" error code Niamey-Logan - An image of a soldier with a gun

MW3 "Your data is corrupt" error code Niamey-Logan - An image of a soldier with a gun

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 has arrived, stirring excitement among players. But this enthusiasm was quickly dampened by the emergence of the MW3 "Your data is corrupt" error, aka error code Niamey-Logan, upon launching the game.

Unlike other Modern Warfare 3 error codes and issues, such as the Pulemyot 762 glitch, error code Niamey-Logan does more than just disrupt gameplay. If not addressed carefully, this particular error can lead to the loss of all the progress and items you've spent countless hours grinding for.

But, don't worry. Our guide delves into this unique challenge, offering reliable solutions and expert advice to navigate and fix this error safely, preserving your hard-earned achievements in the game.

How to fix the MW3 "Your data is corrupt" error

To fix the MW3 error code Niamey-Logan, one solution is to press "Yes" once the message pops up. However, we don't recommend this as you'll lose all your loadouts, ranks, classes, emblems, calling cards, and everything you acquired in Zombies.

Therefore, the best solution to fix the MW3 "Your data is corrupt" error is to press "No" and wait until the game devs patch this issue. Choosing to wait safeguards your hard-earned progress and items, sparing you from potential loss.

The MW3 Trello board currently doesn't feature this issue, but it's reasonable to believe the developers are informed. Monitoring the Trello board will help you stay updated on the progress and resolution status of this issue.

What is the MW3 error code Niamey-Logan?

The MW3 error code Niamey-Logan appears to be a significant issue that surfaced following the installation of the Season 1 update. Given that it's a widespread problem affecting all players, it suggests a potential flaw introduced with the new update.

Despite reassurances from COD's official Twitter account indicating that this is an incorrect error message and advising players to proceed by pressing "Yes," there have been numerous reports from players experiencing loss of items after following this guidance.

And that covers everything about the MW3 "Your data is corrupt" error aka error code Niamey-Logan. We hope that a patch will soon be introduced to fix this issue. While you wait for an official fix, why don't you check out the best smart home gift ideas for 2023?

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