MultiVersus MMR Explained: How Does It Work, How To Increase Your MMR And More

MultiVersus MMR: How Does It Work, How To Increase Your MMR And More

MultiVersus MMR: How Does It Work, How To Increase Your MMR And More

If you are confused about the MultiVersus MMR (Matchmaking Rating), then here is a complete guide on the same.

Having dealt with lag in MultiVersus and other bugs like MultiVersus online not working, it appears MultiVersus players are facing a new issue. It is not any bugs or errors this time but the game's matchmaking rating or MMR. Players are complaining about their MMR not going up, no matter how many games they win.

To understand why the MMR is not increasing, first, you need to understand how the MultiVersus MMR system works. We will explain the MultiVersus MMR system in detail. Also, we will share tips to increase your MMR.

How Does MMR Work In MultiVersus?

The MultiVersus developers haven't revealed which algorithm they based their MMR system on. However, from the looks of it, it is likely that the MultiVersus MMR is based on the widely used rating algorithm called Elo.

Matchmaking in MultiVersus works based on the MMR of your character - not your leaderboard MMR. And your rank will increase/decrease based on the MMR rating of the character of your opponent as well as the outcome of the match.

Say you are fighting a character with an MMR rating less than yours. In the eyes of the algorithm, you have a better chance of winning that game. But, if you lose that match, your rating will drop significantly. In contrast, if you win that match, your rating will go up only slightly.

This is because, according to the algorithm, you had better odds of winning the match since your opponent was relatively weaker than you. Similarly, when you win matches against harder opponents, your ranking will go up remarkably.

So basically, MMR works by deciding the odds of you winning and losing. If you win a match that you have lesser odds of winning, your MMR will go up significantly. Conversely, if you lose a match that you have a better chance of winning, your MMR will drop significantly.

How To Check MultiVersus Rank

There are two kinds of MMR: leaderboard MMR and character MMR.

Your leaderboard MMR is the highest MMR you have at that point with any character. Your character ranking compares your MMR with that specific character only with the MMR of other players with that character.

How to check MultiVersus leaderboard MMR

You can find your leaderboard MMR in the game itself. Here is how to find it:

  1. Click on the Career button on the top left.
  2. Here you will see your stats. Click on the Leaderboards button.
  3. Scroll down until you see your name.
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  1. Here, below your name you can find your MMR.

A bit of work, right? Would have been nice if they had displayed your MMR on the career page, so you don't have to open the leaderboards and scroll to the bottom each time you want to see it.

How to check MultiVersus character MMR

MultiVersus doesn't display your character MMR, so you have to depend on third-party websites. You can use Tracker.GG to find your character-specific MMR, and use your rating to compare against the community. Just navigate to this website, type in your username and you will be able to explore tons of stats.

How To Increase MMR In MultiVersus

Your win rate doesn't really matter when it comes to MMR. To increase your MMR, you need to keep winning matches. Whether it's against stronger or weaker opponents, you need to keep winning. A winning streak is the only way to do it.

Although your MMR hardly goes up when you win against weaker opponents, it can drop significantly, if you lose to them. So, you got to win against them to maintain your MMR at that level.

Matches against stronger opponents are your chance to significantly boost your MMR. So, if you want to increase your MMR, you should focus on winning matches against stronger opponents. In short, to increase your MMR, never lose a match - especially to weaker opponents.

How To Fix MultiVersus MMR Not Changing Or Updating

Many users have been having trouble with the leaderboard MMR. They have noticed that the MMR is not updating at all, no matter how much they play. Probably, it is a bug, and as of now, there isn't much we can do about it.

Your only option is to keep playing and hope that the MMR will get updated at some point. Also, you can report the bug to WBGames. Ideally, it all starts to get ironed out when Ranked Modes get unlocked.

By the way, in case you are not aware, now you can play MultiVersus on your Mac too.

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