How To Fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working On PC, Xbox, PS4 And PS5

How To Fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working
Credit: WB Games

How To Fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working
Credit: WB Games

Is the MultiVersus KBI tutorial not working for you? We've got some easy fixes!

WB Games' MultiVersus has been out for a while, but many users have had problems getting the game to work. MultiVersus fatal error, offline mode bug and connection lost error are some of the common issues that players are experiencing while playing the game.

Recently, many users are having trouble completing the Knockback Influence (KBI) tutorial as it is glitched. If you are one of the many players who are having problems with the KBI tutorial, then read on. Let's get rid of this pesky glitch!

How To Fix MultiVersus Knockback Influence Tutorial Not Working

The Knockback Influence (KBI) tutorial in MultiVersus teaches you how to manipulate the knockback trajectory to avoid ring-outs. Things start getting tricky in the second part of the tutorial where you play Wonder Woman.

The particular point in the tutorial that suffers from the glitch is when you're supposed to "hold down and left to rotate your knockback and avoid getting rung out (0/2)." But, no matter what you do, you still get rung out.

As this part of the tutorial is glitched, it is impossible to finish it using normal means. The good news is that there is a way to get around this problem. Here is how to fix the MultiVersus KBI tutorial not working glitch.

Fix KBI Tutorial On PC

First, change your window type to fullscreen. And as Wonder Woman hits you, while holding down and left keys, Alt + Tab out and back into the game to survive the hit.

Alternatively, hitting the Windows key instead of Alt-Tabbing will also do the job. The key is to lag the game to survive the hit.

Fix KBI Tutorial On PS4 and PS5

As Wonder Woman is charging her attack, hold down and left (as mentioned in the tutorial), and then hold the PS button to go to Home.

Then, go right back into the game. It will cause a small lag in the game and when you go back into the game you’ll see you weren’t knocked out.

Fix KBI Tutorial On Xbox

As of now, there is no fix for the MultiVersus KBI tutorial not working glitch on Xbox. Unfortunately, the above PS4/PS5 hack doesn't work on Xbox. Your only option is to wait until the glitch is fixed. In the meantime, you can report the bug to WB Games by sending a ticket via this website.

As a relatively new game that remains in beta, these issues are likely to crop up as MultiVersus nears the full release. Other problems, such as the MultiVersus lag, do continue to frustrate some players.

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