Multiplayer Splinter Cell-like SPECTRE releases today

multiplayer splinter cell-like spectre releases today
Credit: Symbiosis Games

multiplayer splinter cell-like spectre releases today
Credit: Symbiosis Games

SPECTRE, the new Splinter Cell-like multiplayer game, has surprised fans with a stealth release. The game is now available for players to download on Steam, albeit with a twist; it’s only out on Early Access.

Developer Symbiosis Games confirmed that the title would be launching today as an Early Access title. Originally, news around the release claimed that it would be a full release but the developers have thought better of it.

“To ensure transparency and clarity, we have decided to shift the game's release to Early Access. This means that SPECTRE will continue to grow and evolve based on feedback and player input,” said the official statement. “We're committed to making SPECTRE the best it can be, with your valuable input.”

While SPECTRE is still in Early Access, Symbiosis Games has promised that more content will be coming to the multiplayer title. Maps, game modes, and weapons are going to be added as development continues. Symbiosis Games will also make improvements based on fan feedback, which is the main purpose of Early Access.

Fans of Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell games will probably find the game very familiar, which was intentional. The game is meant to be a spiritual successor to Ubisoft’s spies vs mercs mode from those older Splinter Cell games. It proved to be a unique experience that many multiplayer games haven’t captured, at least until now.

Ubisoft hasn’t completely forgotten about Splinter Cell, as the company did promise to remake the title. Very little news has been revealed about the remake, as the game is still in early development. Hopefully, it turns out better than the Prince of Persia remake, which still hasn’t come out despite being completed.

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SPECTRE is now available for download on Steam, albeit, via Early Access.

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