MSI Claw grips you in with free games, game pass and more for pre-ordering

MSI Claw in front of a blurred promotional image and a money-eyed emoji
Credit: MSI / Apple

MSI Claw in front of a blurred promotional image and a money-eyed emoji
Credit: MSI / Apple

It's been over a month since MSI announced its Intel-powered Steam Deck competitor, the MSI Claw, with a broad Q1 2024 release date. However, the handheld gaming PC is now available to pre-order in the UK, and you can also grab some extras for purchasing it too.

The MSI Claw release date isn't too far off, at least if the pre-order date is anything to go by. Currys UK have the device set for delivery on March 20, 2024, with two versions of the potential best gaming handheld available to purchase.

The £699.99 model delivers an Intel Core Ultra 5-135H with a storage size of 512GB, while the £799.99 model arrives with an Intel Core Ultra 7-155H and 1TB of storage. Both models use an SSD, and interestingly, the MSI Claw uses a variable refresh rate screen unlike the Steam Deck.

As noted by the tag on the Currys website, the MSI Claw is exclusive to Currys in the UK. However, we're likely to see them pop up on eBay around the launch of the handheld, with people buying them and testing them against the Steam Deck or ASUS ROG Ally to see if it's a worthy upgrade.

However, picking up the MSI Claw early does have some good incentives. At least, depending on who you ask. MSI is giving players the opportunity to get one month of Game Pass, a seven-day trial of Ubisoft+, and a copy of Skull and Bones, according to Retro Resolve.

It remains to be seen whether the MSI Claw can get a good market share as a latecomer. The ASUS ROG Ally 2 is reportedly on the way, alongside a Steam Deck 2 within the next few years, so it's interesting to see whether focusing on using Intel will give the MSI Claw a good head start. At the very least, MSI seems confident, considering it is already planning future MSI Claw iterations.

It's certainly an interesting time to be looking for a handheld PC, as there are plenty of options. And who doesn't like a bit of friendly competition against major companies?

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