Modern Warfare 2's funniest glitch gives out seriously stylish kills

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the second one, is no stranger to glitches. However, the latest entry in Infinity Ward’s FPS sub-series introduces the funniest glitch we’ve seen yet: mount-bouncing.

MW2 is home to some infuriating issues, such as hard crashing and unrestricted cross play. While mount-bouncing is not a harmless glitch, it is one of the more entertaining issues populating the latest Call of Duty game.

Shared all over social media, a number of streamers and players are performing some beautiful kills using the technique. With this exploit, it almost feels like 2009 again — Ghost, Shepard and all.

In a viral tweet by YouTuber Milo Reacts, mount-bouncing was used to pull off a move worthy of early YouTube montage parodies. But how do you actually pull off a mount bounce?

Filmed on the game’s Taraq map, Milo stood on top of a mountable surface. Upon mounting, the YouTuber was flung far into the air, shooting up as high as possible before coming back down… and dying from fall damage.

Impressively, the YouTuber was able to pull off a longshot no-scope with a sniper rifle, complete with numerous spins. However, he was not the only player able to pull off the glitch to viral success.

Another tweet from Call of Duty outlet Charlie Intel showed another instance of mount-bouncing. Also on the Taraq map, the video shows the player bouncing off a car and launching into the air.

In the second video, the player gets a midair kill with a rocket launcher. Yes, it’s less impressive, but it’s cooler than anything we’ve done.

Unfortunately, Infinity Ward will likely patch out this exploit as time goes on. Until then, it’s an entertaining glitch that’s resulting in some of the coolest kills we’ve seen in years. Break out the air horns!

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