Modder turns Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk into an awesome Final Fantasy XIV controller

Twitch streamer Super Louis 64 has modded a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk controller into Final Fantasy XIV, and incorporated it into the Astrologians play style. Astrologians within the game use cards, so the controller was a natural fit for the style of gameplay unique to the character. 

Super Louis 64 is known for creating unusual controllers. A previous project involved him turning a Pizza Hut pizza into a Dark Souls controller, which he then used to complete the game. The modder also turned Dark Souls into a workout game using a ring fit. Players had to run in real life in order to move their character, and also operate the ring fit to use weapons. However, the modders Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck controller might be the most impressive yet. 

A new way to play Final Fantasy XIV

Rather than modding Final Fantasy XIV, Louis instead mapped the controller to the game. Four of the controller’s card slots all work with one party character in the game. Placing certain cards in the slots will apply buffs to those specific characters. Louis spoke about the project on Twitter, and stated that the hardest part was making the Yu-Gi-Oh! Conductive so that the card reader would pick them up. 

Louis achieved this by using conductive paint on the cards he wanted to use in the game. While building the unusual controller, Louis thought to himself: “Wait a minute, I can turn anything into a button if it’s conductive.” Using special conductive paint, cards placed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Reader will now lead to an ingame action. The modder also double checked the cards weren’t worth anything before covering them in the conductive paint material. 

The entire project took Louis about a week to complete, and roughly $30 dollars with the cost of the Duel Disk controller and hardware needed. He is also working on a walkthrough, which will allow other players to create similar controllers should they want to. 

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