MLB The Show 22 Network Error - How To Fix Unhandled Server Exception

MLB The Show 22 Network Error a pitcher

MLB The Show 22 Network Error a pitcher

The MLB The Show 22 Network Error has been causing consternation for a lot of gamers since the game was launched. As is so often the case with a new game, bugs and glitches crop up that can interfere with the experience. But this particular network error is a potential Hall of Fame entry. If you’ve already suffered from it, it needs no explanation.

But what it does need, is a solution. And that’s where we come in, like a pitcher stepping up to the plate to help you work out how to sort out all of your MLB The Show 22 issues.

Below, you'll find out all about the MLB The Show 22 Network Error and how to resolve the unhandled server exception issue.

How To Fix The “Unhandled Server Exception” Issue

Because of the nature of this particular error, there are several potential fixes that could work, rather than one guaranteed solution. So try these out, and hopefully one of them will work for you.

  • One of the first things to do is check the server status for the game. If the servers are down, wait until they are back up and running before trying again. You can also check the official Twitter feed for updates.
  • Assuming the servers are working, start with a classic system restart. In case the problem is your home internet connection, it’s potentially worth restarting your router as well.
  • Check for any system or game updates. Quite often a patch will quickly follow the release of a new game. These will often address some of the most serious issues that have been identified. So check for updates, and install them as soon as you can.
  • Check that your console is set to the correct date and time. If this is not set correctly, it can sometimes lead to a network error.
  • If you are on WiFi, try switching to a wired connection. These tend to offer a more stable connection.
  • Make sure that your network isn’t congested. Try to minimise the number of apps and devices that are competing for bandwidth.
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  • Change your NAT type to open.
  • If nothing seems to be working, there is always the option of uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. This is very much a last resort though.

If even this is unsuccessful, then we’d recommend reaching out to the game developers for additional support.

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MLB The Show 22 Network Error
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What Is The MLB The Show 22 Network Error?

The unhandled server exception has been affecting a lot of users since the game launched. It’s usually accompanied by the message “network error: an unhandled server exception occurred” or “a network error has occurred”.

While errors are to be expected in a new game, this one has been particularly problematic because it doesn’t seem to have a specific trigger. As a result, players can be quite happily enjoying their best life, when out of nowhere the error appears. The consequence is that players are losing hard-won progress.

The cause is difficult to know for certain, but network issues do seem to be prevalent on a lot of games just after they launch. Quite often, this is because traffic is at its highest at this point, and the servers are under the greatest strain. When this is the case, the issue will often correct itself as traffic begins to even out after a few weeks.

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If that isn’t the underlying cause, then hopefully a patch will be on the way from the developers in the near future.

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