Minecraft error code 0x87e5003a - how to fix launcher crashing on startup

Minecraft error code 0x87e5003a characters on a mountaintop

Minecraft error code 0x87e5003a characters on a mountaintop

Why are we still playing Minecraft all these years later? Well, because it's fun obviously! After all the many updates and fixes, the game is still going strong with a very varied audience. But what about problems running it? Let's look at how to fix Minecraft error code 0x87e5003a.

Minecraft is not new to having problems with crashing or even login issues, so gamers are prepared to try and work their way around these technical issues to go back to gaming.

So, for now, let's look at how to fix Minecraft error code 0x87e5003a and get back to our pixelated crafting.

How to fix Minecraft error code 0x87e5003a

There might be several causes for this error, but basically what you want to do is first force close Minecraft. You do this by following these steps:

  • Bring up Task Manager (CTRL + Shift + Esc or right-click on taskbar);
  • Search for Minecraft or Minecraft Launcher;
  • Force close any instances.

Once you've force closed it, then go ahead and reboot the computer (or console as well). If the error is still showing up, a good solution is to use the old launcher for Minecraft which you can find on the website. While that launcher is for Windows 7 / 8 and not 10/11, it might help to fix problems.

What is Minecraft error code 0x87e5003a?

This error code pops up and tells the player: "This game is already running. If you just quit the game, it should be ready to launch again in a moment". So, while that might be a temporary error, it usually just means that we won't be able to play the game even after waiting.

Hopefully, these fixes should help you in solving the issue, if you're still having trouble running Minecraft you would want to check out some of our other guides such as how to fix Minecraft multiplayer.

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