Minecraft becomes the post-apocalypse with nuke and uranium mods

minecraft becomes the post-apocalypse with nuke and uranium mods

minecraft becomes the post-apocalypse with nuke and uranium mods

Minecraft gained its popularity by letting players explore, fight, and customize sculptures to their heart’s content. This new mod changes things considerably, turning the game into a post-apocalyptic landscape, complete with nukes and uranium.

A TikTok user named fingees_yt showed off an impressive mod for the game, with nukes and uranium changing everything. When this mod is activated, players can mutate animals, the environment, and themselves through all the nuclear waste and uranium.

From what can be seen, a mutation in this Minecraft mod is a big deal. Animals fuse together to make some kind of mutated monster. Players can also get mutated, growing another head on their chest area.

Hilariously, players will need to mutate if they want to keep living in this nuclear wasteland. To do this, players need to kill and eat the mutated animals that now roam this new world. These are things we’d expect in a Fallout game but not Minecraft, of all things.

We’ve seen a lot of weird mods for this game, a good number of which come from fingees_yt. Anyone going to their YouTube channel can see some of the weird mods he’s made, like proper feet and getting pregnant. Compared to those mods, nukes, and uranium seem pretty normal.

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Gamers curious about this mod will have to get Minecraft on PC. Everyone else who likes to play it normally can get it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. We're also getting a Minecraft movie starring Jason Momoa, for some reason.

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