Modern Warfare 3 launch coincides with major Xbox, Teams outages

Microsoft services and Xbox down also here is zombie ghost from modern warfare 3

Microsoft services and Xbox down also here is zombie ghost from modern warfare 3

Now that Modern Warfare 3 is out in the wild, Microsoft’s online ecosystem is stumbling. Following the launch of the latest CoD title, Microsoft services including Xbox and Teams are now going down.

Via DownDetector, over 1,500 UK users are experiencing issues with Microsoft Teams, and a very similar number of users are reporting Xbox outages as well. Those attempting to work, and game, are experiencing issues connecting to online services.

On Twitter, Xbox revealed that the issues are due to “an artificial increase in synthetic network traffic". The company has already identified the issue behind the ongoing outages and are working to remedy the problem.

“We've made configuration changes to remediate impact and after monitoring the service, we've confirmed the issue is now resolved," the Microsoft 365 Status account revealed.

Alongside Teams and Xbox services, other Microsoft products are currently offline. This includes Office 365 products such as Word Online, Outlook, OneDrive and associated platforms.

Currently, Microsoft’s outages are only affecting a subset of European countries. At the time of writing, United Kingdom and Germany residents are experiencing outages with the aforementioned services. However, residents of both Sweden and Poland were having similar issues earlier this morning.

Of course, Microsoft’s outages coincide with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 servers. The latest Call of Duty title, now handled by Microsoft, is likely not the cause of the problem, but many have found themselves unable to access the game on the Xbox ecosystem.

Anyone who tries to access the Call of Duty app will find themselves unable to launch the game due to always-online DRM. When the Microsoft outage is fixed, players should be able to play the game again.

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