Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2: Predicted Release Date, Specs, Everything We Know

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If you're in the market for a new laptop, you may be wondering whether it's worth hanging on for the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2. And while it doesn't have the catchiest name we've ever heard, that probably isn't your primary concern when it comes to choosing a new computer.

While there are already a range of great and affordable laptops to choose from, the Go 2 is rumoured to be coming out in the next couple of months. So might it be worth waiting just a little bit longer if you possibly can? Time for us to dig beneath the surface...

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2: Predicted Release Date

The original Laptop Go was launched in October 2020. So it wasn't really a surprise to see Microsoft ignore it at their most recent Surface event, back in September. But according to Windows Central, the new iteration of the laptop is expected imminently. They believe that the laptop, codenamed "Zuma" (potentially after the Paw Patrol character, but probably not) will start shipping in the first half of this year.

If this is correct, then we would expect the Laptop Go 2 to release before the end of June. Which, at the time of writing, is less than twelve weeks away. If this is correct, then we'd probably anticipate some sort of announcement from Microsoft prior to release.

There's also a Microsoft Build event scheduled between May 24-26. Which might present an opportunity for Microsoft to officially announce the device.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2" Minecraft on the original Laptop Go
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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2: Predicted Price

The original Surface Laptop Go was designed to be an affordable Surface laptop, and was priced accordingly. The cheapest version, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage was $549, while the top-end 8GB/256GB version was $899.

While this is speculative, there is every reason to expect Microsoft to try and stay close to these price points. After all, if they start bumping the price up, then they start to drift away from the market segment they are targeting.

Of course, there are factors such as inflation, component shortages and global uncertainty that could all have an influence on the final price. But Microsoft has deep pockets, and they may be willing to take a hit on the cost of the laptop. Especially if they can the recoup that money on software sales, for example.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2: Specs

The current consensus is that the Laptop Go 2 will be very much an iterative update, rather than a major revamp. As a result, the expectation is that we will see the same 12.4 inch screen, with the same ports, chassis and materials as its predecessor. And still no backlit keyboard, which was one of the biggest criticisms of its predecessor. These decisions may help to keep costs down.

RAM and storage options are expected to remain the same, with the possibility that the base model will have a storage boost from 64GB to 128GB. But don't count on that. And there is optimism that the Laptop Go 2 will also have new processors. These will most likely be 11th-gen Intel core i5 chips, rather than the newer, harder to get and more expensive 12th-gen versions. But even this should represent a fairly hefty upgrade over the Laptop Go.

There is also confidence that the Go 2 will come with an additional colour - Sage. So if you are a fan of green, that may be great news for you.

And finally, expect the Surface Laptop Go 2 to come with Windows 11 right out of the box. The original Laptop Go is already eligible to upgrade to the new Windows, so there shouldn't be any issues with it running on the newer version.

There isn't long left in the first half of the year if Microsoft is indeed planning on making an announcement. As always, we'll keep you in the loop when we learn more.

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