Meta Quest 3 can now play Xbox Game Pass games like Starfield and Halo

meta quest 3 xbox game pass
Credit: Meta/Microsoft

meta quest 3 xbox game pass
Credit: Meta/Microsoft

Meta Quest 3 just got a lot more interesting, as the VR device now has access to a ton of games via Xbox Game Pass. Now fans can play games like Halo Infinite, Starfield, and so much more in VR, making them feel more immersive than ever.

Xbox announced that Game Pass support for Meta’s VR machine will be available today. There is a bit of a caveat here, as players will need to subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate to have access to this, but it’s not the worst.

Once players have Meta Quest 3 and Game Pass Ultimate, they can download the Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) app to start streaming some games. While cloud gaming isn’t the most ideal experience for many, Microsoft has done a solid job with its efforts and that should make this VR experience better.

Game Pass will ensure that your gaming library will be pretty stacked, with quality titles like Hi-Fi Rush, Forza Motorsport, Fallout 4, and more. Considering how most VR games tend to be a bit niche and linear, Game Pass can give players more immersive titles to experience.

VR hardware will always be niche, but gadgets like the Meta Quest 3 are finding their audience, managing to sell well during this year’s Black Friday sale. Although Quest 3 doesn’t have Quest 2 backward compatibility, some devs worked on free upgrades so players who bought them can play them for free.

Xbox’s year seems pretty uneventful, aside from the release of Starfield which had everyone talking for a hot minute. Unfortunately, that minute has seemingly expired and interest in the Bethesda RPG has seemingly dried up. Bethesda is working on more updates to make the game more interesting, but only time will tell if that’s an effective strategy.

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Interested VR fans can pick up the Meta Quest 3 right now, for some immersive gaming experiences. To get access to Xbox Game Pass, players will need a Game Pass Ultimate subscription so they can access it on the Quest 3.

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