Meta Quest 3 Lite will allegedly cost under $300

meta quest 3 lite could be less than $300
Credit: Meta

meta quest 3 lite could be less than $300
Credit: Meta

The Meta Quest 3 Lite has been making headlines in the VR space, as this bundle will supposedly launch without controllers for a more ‘budget’ experience. It seems that the product’s price represents that budget nature, as reports claim that this bundle will only cost $300.

According to a Chinese analyst (via UploadVR), claims that this product will be called the Quest 3 Lite and could cost around $200 or $300. Based on the report, it seems that the cheaper price is due to the focus on VR over AR, using older fresnel lenses, and, of course, not launching with controllers.

In addition to the cheaper price, this analyst also claims that the Meta Quest 3 Lite will be coming out on the first half of 2024. This is being done so that the Quest 2 can quickly be replaced by its superior successor, albeit, one without any proper controllers.

Obviously, another reason for the cheaper price is so that it takes away attention from the Apple Vision Pro. Meta has to contend with the fact that Apple’s brand will get more curious buyers, so going the cheaper route might gain more eyes. We wouldn’t be surprised if the price gains the interest of many VR newbies.

Cheaper price or not, it’s still a bit risk to launch the Meta Quest 3 Lite without controllers, as using hand gestures isn’t always one-to-one. Apple’s Vision Pro will also use hand gestures, which is also questionable, but fans of the product are hoping they pull it off.

Despite all the excitement surrounding VR technology, the hobby is still pretty niche. While Meta has made a decent name for itself, the Meta Quest 3 still isn’t that popular, even with VR fans. In fact, Meta actually did price reductions for Quest 3 in certain parts of the world.

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Will we actually get the Meta Quest 3 Lite in 2024? Only time will tell.

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