Rare Mcdonald’s DSi was briefly on sale before quickly getting removed

mcdonald's rare dsi was briefly on sale
Credit: Retro Dodo

mcdonald's rare dsi was briefly on sale
Credit: Retro Dodo


  • A rare Mcdonald's DSi was quickly shared online by a second-hand store
  • The retail listing was quickly delisted
  • It's not yet known how this rare gaming item made its way online

The McDonald’s DSi remains one of gaming’s rarest systems, as the famous fast food chain replaced them in 2018 for more modern technology. While fans haven’t been able to get their hands on this system, one of them briefly appeared in a second hand store before quickly getting delisted, for obvious reasons.

Japanese thrift store Hard-Off was selling this rare handheld before it was quickly taken down, according to J-CAST (via AUTOMATON WEST). In addition to the rare DSi model, this would have also come with the McDonald’s training game that teaches its employees how to make burgers properly.

Hard-Off quickly apologized for even posting the McDonald’s DSi, confirming that they won’t be selling this rare gaming item at the time of writing. As to why the item was removed, the store is reportedly working with McDonald’s to see if this item was legitimate.

McDonald’s representatives said that there’s no proof that this unit was legitimate, though they still regret seeing this item go on sale. Considering how rare these items are, McDonald’s probably wants to keep these to themselves and not let these things be sold in second-hand stores.

Fans of the Nintendo DS don’t particularly like the DSi, as this handheld removed Game Boy Advance compatibility for other dated features. Still, this model did come with a number of its own rare variants, including this incredibly rare McDonald’s DSi. While we would tell fans to get a DS Lite or even a 3DS, the rarity of this model makes up for any flaws it might have.

Considering how high the costs of these items can go in the retro gaming market, seeing something rare like this should mean even more ridiculous prices. We’re sure some fans would have loved to bet all of their savings on this item, but there’s always next time.

Modern gamers can still get a lot from their DSi systems, thanks to breakthroughs in jailbreaking that makes more of these games readily available. Fans with a hacked 3DS can also play a ton of games they couldn’t before, including Virtual Boy games.

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