More Max Payne remake details have been revealed

max payne remake is a big project for remedy
Credit: Rockstar Games

max payne remake is a big project for remedy
Credit: Rockstar Games

After a long wait, we finally have more details about the upcoming Max Payne remake, which Remedy is hyping up as a big project. Creative director Sam Lake discussed how they will be bringing the first two games back, making them in line with modern titles.

Lake talked with VGC about the remake, which will seemingly have both Max Payne games. While Lake can’t give everything away, he did confirm that both titles will be packed into one package, giving players an entire noir saga to play through.

“It is a significant undertaking in the sense that even if they are old games, just thinking about bringing them up to modern standards and combining them into one, you can see that it’s a big, big project,” Lake explained.

Hilariously, when Lake was asked if he would be returning as the voice for Max Payne in the remake he said “No comment.” Considering how Lake was able to capture that gritty noir style from the first two games, fans would love to see him return. Obviously, it’s up to him, but we can always hope.

Many fans still consider the two first Max Payne games classics, even if they're a bit dated now. The stories still hold up and a remake could give these two the gameplay they deserve.

While all of the news about that particular remake is pretty exciting, Remedy is still pretty busy with Alan Wake 2. Slated for release later in October, Alan Wake 2 has managed to capture the interest of many a gamer with its creepy visuals and atmosphere. Although the lack of a physical release is disappointing, hype for the sequel is at an all-time high.

Remedy also confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will be released with a Performance Mode, though the title was made with 30 FPS in mind. Obviously, a lot of people would prefer it if every game ends up being 60 FPS but at least expectations are now in check.

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No release date for the Max Payne remake has been revealed, though it will be coming to current-gen systems when it’s available. Alan Wake 2 comes out on October 27.

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