Massive Pokémon TCG heist is the biggest card theft of all time

massive pokemon tcg heist is the biggest card theft of all time
Credit: The Pokémon Company

massive pokemon tcg heist is the biggest card theft of all time
Credit: The Pokémon Company

Another Pokémon TCG heist has made the news and it might just be the biggest one yet, believe it or not. With the popularity of the Trading Card Game seemingly bigger than ever, thieves are aiming for bigger and bigger steals for the beloved cardboard critters.

The Pokémon TCG subreddit has been buzzing about the heist, as the alleged thief stole over 1,000 rare Fusion Strike cards from The Pokémon Company itself. Furthermore, they tried to sell these cards to a local shop but they were quickly arrested and turned over to the company.

From what can be seen, it’s clear that there are a ton of rare cards here that would have sold for a ton of money. Kotaku claims that there are full art for trainer cards, alongside VMAX versions of Mew, Gengar, and Espeon, amongst others.

Some fans are also starting to blame this theft for how bad the pullrate of the Fusion Strike Pokémon TCG has been. Many players claim that getting some of the rare VMAX versions felt too hard to get, no matter how much booster packs they bought.

While there’s no evidence of this, it would be somewhat funny to hear about a conspiracy of this thief getting the best cards to sell them all. That’s definitely not how The Pokémon Company wanted to use “Gotta Catch ‘em All,” especially since they’re not benefitting from it.

Considering how crazy people get over the Pokémon TCG, all we can do is hope things calm down after this. However, this isn’t even the first robbery of these collector’s items, so there’s a chance that even more heists of these items will be made. Just let people buy their expensive pieces of plastic in peace, for Pete’s sake.

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Players should be able to buy Pokémon TCG cards with little to no issue, though good luck getting a rare one via a booster pack.

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