Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has some god-awful "Deluxe Edition" costumes

marvel spider-man-2 has some god awful deluxe edition dlc

marvel spider-man-2 has some god awful deluxe edition dlc

Insomniac Games has finally revealed new details about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including the game’s awful Deluxe Edition DLC. Fans expected to see some cool extras and teases for possible story-based DLC, but all we got were some bad costumes.

Granted, we didn’t get a full look at these suits, but most of the masks are bad and that’s not a good sign. It’s also worth noting that none of these seem to be based on outfits from the comics aside from the Arachknight Suit for Peter Parker.

Speaking of Peter Parker, his extra suits in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 look like artists were told to make Spider-Man outfits based on various movie genres, but they all suck.

Apunkalyptic looks like a bad version of the Spider-Punk suit, the 25th Century Suit looks out of place with the game’s setting, The Aurantia suit is a worse version of Peter’s normal suit, and Stone Monkey looks like a Shakesphere stereotype.

Original outfits aren’t an excuse for them being bad either, as the first game had some brilliant original suits. Unfortunately, most of these look like Spidersona ideas that were used for costumes, like the 25th century and Apunkalyptic outfits.

The one suit that does look nice is Miles’ Tokusatsu Suit, which makes him look like a Power Ranger. We might never get a game featuring Supaidãman but seeing some form of Tokusatsu here is neat. Despite being a cool outfit, that’s 1 cool suit out of 10 and that’s not good at all.

Miles’ other outfits just don’t cut it, unfortunately. The Agimat suit is overdesigned, Red Spectre looks like a completely different character, and both the Encoded and Biomechanical suits look like toys.

At the least, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 still seems to include unlockable costumes via the game’s resources so we might get some good ones there. Both pre-order costumes are listed as “early unlocks,” meaning more cool outfits might make it into the game. Here’s hoping we get some killer ones like the Superior Spider-Man suit or Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man suit (not the Scarlet Spider).

If we’re being honest, Spidey’s best suit is already in the game; the symbiote outfit. While some of the armor parts seem unnecessary, the overall look still matches that simple and sleek look fans loved so much. Hopefully, once the story is done, we get a harmless version of the suit that Peter can wear.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming to the PlayStation 5 on October 20, one month after the rumoured September release. The game is also expected to come to PC sometime in the future.

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