Marvel cuts branding from Hit Monkey because its far too violent

Marvel has gained a reputation as a family friendly brand over the past decade. Outside the MCU, the company has often dived into more mature projects, such as MODOK. However, it would appear that the comic book company will be nestling further inside the safe family friendly façade.

In a leak from ComicBook, it has been said that Marvel won't keep its branding on more adult content. In order to stay in the limelight as the ultimate family friendly brand, the company's iconic logo will be missing from more adult productions.

Hit Monkey won't have Marvel branding

According to Comic Book writer Adam Barnhardt, Hit Monkey will be Marvel-less in its branding. The upcoming animated show based on the obscure primate assassin is expected to be extraordinarily violent.

Barnhardt explains that multiple sources have told him Hit Monkey is “as hyper violent as they come”. As a result, “there was no chance it would ever get the Marvel’s designation” like other shows have.

Marvel Hit Monkey
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A look at the ultra-violent Hit Monkey show. (Via EW)

On the other hand, established shows that already have the branding will keep it. The aforementioned Marvel's MODOK is expected to keep its original title of it receives a second season. However, that's only if “the stars align”.

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The Hulu cull

The removal of Marvel branding from these more violent shows comes after Disney’s culling of Hulu. Before Disney+, the Hulu streaming service was populated with Marvel’s mature content, such as Cloak and Dagger. However, with future phases of the MCU relying on a substantial amount of Disney+ TV content, that era is past.

Outside of in-production shows, more adult-orientated Marvel productions will no longer be greenlit for Hulu or Disney+. It's going to be all MCU all the time.

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