Mark Zuckerberg gets really American in cringy Independence Day video

America’s Independence Day is a day of proving just how American you are. No matter how much you love the country of freedom (for some), Bald Eagles and Red Party Cups, you’ll never love it as much as Mark Zuckerberg.

To celebrate the day America loves so much they don't stop talking about it, the Facebook CEO posted an Instagram video that may never be beat. If you had any doubt in your mind that Mark Zuckerberg didn't love his country, this'll make you change your mind.

Mark Zuckerberg Independence Day video

While everyone else who cares about the holiday was sitting in their house doing nothing, Zuckerberg had another idea. For the Facebook CEO, it was time to head outside. With just an electric surfboard and his trusty American Flag, he did what all good Americans do. Zuckerberg surfed – kinda – across the lake, holding his flag sorta high, wind in his very short hair.

“That's not American enough, Zucky,” someone might have said as Zucky (Mark Zuckerberg) hovered over the upload button. Zucky agreed. It needed music. But what music? Obviously, it needed John Denver's American Classic “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. Perfection.

Mark Zuckerberg then uploaded the 71-second, possibly un-ironically, to his personal Instagram account. In just 19 hours, the Facebook CEO’s American showmanship has earned over 2.1 million views – 0.6543618443% of the entire USA population.

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People think he's trolling

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't know how someone could be that American. In fact, most people can't. After the video became a viral sensation, users on social media can't decide if the Facebook CEO was serious or not.

One Twitter user described the Facebook CEO's true-American-oo-rah-spirit as “peak cringe". Another was under the impression that Zuckerberg had somehow created an incredibly American AI to celebrate in his stead. Ridiculous! Whatever Zuckerberg may really be, he's American, godamnit!

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