How a Nintendo fan created a Mario Kart home workout

Nintendo is, much to the surprise of some, kind of the lord of home workouts when it comes to the home consoles.

They kicked things off with Wii Fit, but have continued that legacy with a bunch of different games, with the best open by far being Ring Fit Adventure.

Well, it turns out that there are other ways to get your sweat on using a Switch, but you'll need to be fairly inventive.

In fact, one person managed to make it so that you can play Mario Kart using your own body.

Check out this incredible Mario Kart/Ring Fit crossover

The "Labo Fit Adventure Kart Kit" was created by Mike Choi, a hardware hacker, developer, and designer.

It's incredibly impressive, and if you have a look at the video that they've made on the kit, you can see not only how much this should be made into an official product, but also how clever the inventor of it is.

Needless to say, you might now be considering trying to do something like this yourself, so how realistic is that?

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Can you do this yourself?

While you could technically try and put this together yourself, we're pretty sure that the degree of understanding needed to do that is a lot higher than most people possess, so we recommend not doing so.

What we're hoping for, is that Nintendo will see this, and instead of causing a fuss in a bad way, decide to just pay this dude a huge sum of money so that they can then mass produce it and let us all get our cycle on to power our way through Mario Kart.

It's clear that the potential provided by the Ring Fit set up is substantial, so it would be good to see more games taking advantage of it, even if in a more basic way than this kit.

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