Manor Lords DLC - Everything You Need to Know

Army Marching in Manor Lords
Credit: Slavic Magic

Army Marching in Manor Lords
Credit: Slavic Magic

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Are you looking for information on Manor Lords DLC? If so, then you are in the right place as in this article we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Manor Lords DLC.

Currently in Early Access, Manor Lords' full release is just around the corner. Coming from a solo developer and years of development, excitement is at an all-time high to experience the life of a medieval time. Just like any other popular real-time strategy-based game, DLC has always been a subject of interest for gamers and Manor Lords is not an exception. So, without a delay, let us dive into the article.

Will Manor Lords have DLC?

At the current moment, Steam has only listed 'Manor Lords - Soundtrack' which can be downloaded as soon as the game goes live on 26th April. Keep in mind, that it will not include the base game.

You can say that this DLC isn't your typical expansion pack that adds gameplay features, but rather a collection of the music composed for the game. It has been Composed by Elben Schutte and Daniel Caleb.

Furthermore, it consists of a total of 22 soundtracks. If you're a fan of video game music or medieval music in general, the soundtrack offers you a chance to appreciate the work of the Indie team. Now, moving to major doubt.

Group combat in Maron Lords
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Manor Lords DLC news

But what about future Manor Lords DLC? Well, you can count on it. In a Steam announcement, Developer Greg Styczeń himself has hinted at some future prospects regarding it.

While the initial release focuses on delivering a mesmerising medieval city-building and strategy experience, Greg plans to keep the content flowing with new features and elements over time.

The big question is: when can we expect it? We need to understand that game development isn't a cake walk especially when someone is flying alone on this project.

From handling development to bug fixes and most importantly- implementing player suggestions takes time, and Greg himself acknowledges this and that is why he also refrains from sharing the game's roadmap yet.

Also, he categorises his approach as open development, meaning he's willing to take player feedback and suggestions into account. For example, the recent 'Enhanced Realism DLC' was a direct response to players feeling the game was too historical.

Considering all this, it's fair to give him leverage when it comes to the game's future content and appreciate the effort that goes into creating the final product. After all, it's still early days for the game.

That covers everything about the Manor Lords DLC for now. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated with any further updates or additional information that arises.

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