Mankind's mass extinction event has already started, claim scientists

Scientists have been claiming that humanity is on board for a total societal collapse in the next few years. With climate change on the rise and pandemics in the air, many believe that mankind is on track for a mass extinction event. So much so that some are creating massive information vaults to record our failure.

Reported by Vice, multiple scientists are claiming that mankind's mass extinction event has already started. As the sixth extinction event in the past 450,000 million years, the human End Times would result in 75% of more of our species passing in a short time-frame.

Robert Crowe on humanity's mass extinction event

Research professor at the University of Hawaii’s Pacific Biosciences Research Center, Robert Cowie, claimed that mankind's end is on its way. The scientist claimed that “the Sixth Mass Extinction has begun on land and in freshwater seems increasingly likely”.

Cowie explained that the event has already started and is impossible to deny. Additionally, the scientist believes that the evidence surrounding the future is irrefutable at this point. However, he still believes that there will be deniers.

“We consider that the Sixth Mass Extinction has probably started and present arguments to counter those who would deny this,” Cowie said. “Denying it is simply flying in the face of the mountain of data that is rapidly accumulating, and there is no longer room for skepticism, wondering whether it really is happening.”

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There is no positive ending

Cowie claims that he doesn't see a “positive ending” to the situation. However, the scientist does believe that humanity can remain the dominant force on Earth after a large population is extinguished. As such, it’s up to humanity to protect and catalogue other species that may be completely wiped out by the mysterious event.

“We don’t think there’s a positive ending; we think it’s kind of a disaster,” he said. “[We need to] preserve as many of these species as possible in museums” in the meantime.

So, while humanity may have to deal with an extinction event, we may not be the ones that completely disappear. However, we won't come out of the ordeal unscathed.  

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