Mandalorian Xbox controller is PERFECT for Star Wars fans: Price, release date, pre-orders and more

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Microsoft has revealed a very special Xbox controller for Star Wars fans, and it will work on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and even PC. It's based around the iconic armour of Din Djarin, the helmeted protagonist of The Mandalorian TV series. Tragically, there is no Baby Yoda version.

Sure to be tempting a lot of Star Wars fans, the official product name for this beauty is "Controller Gear Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller & Xbox Pro Charging Stand Set" - it's sold out on the UK Microsoft website right now, but there does seem to be stock on the US Microsoft website.

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Keep on reading for all the official info on the Mandalorian Xbox controller. This is the way....

mando xbox controller
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Take a closer look at the Mandalorian Xbox controller!

Mandalorian Xbox controller specs and features

As the official product page says: "Armor-clad in a Mandalorian pattern reminiscent of beskar steel, this Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Pro Charging Stand are a triumph of ergonomic design."

Fans are invited to enjoy "textured grips and custom button mapping" and a magnetic contact system which "allows for one-handed play while you charge."

Basically, it's an Xbox Wireless Controller and a charging stand, slathered in a lovely Star Wars design. Who wouldn't want that??

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mando controller baby yoda
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Shamefully relegated to the back of the controller, it's Baby Yoda (aka The Child)!

Mandalorian Xbox controller price and pre-order info

This is the bit you might baulk at: the Mandalorian Xbox controller is priced at £169.99 GBP here in the UK, and it's also $169.99 USD over in America.

If you can afford to part with that many credits, the pre-order window is open now: you can place your order on the US site at this link, or the UK site here (although the UK one seems to be short on stock right now).

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mando controller charging station
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It could be a spaceship, but it's actually the Mandalorian Xbox controller's charging stand!

Mandalorian Xbox controller release date

The release date for the Mandalorian Xbox controller is set for 31st December 2020. So if you do manage to place a pre-order, that's when you'll receive it!

As for The Mandalorian TV show, it will return to Disney+ for its second season on 30th November. I have spoken.

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