Lost Ark server status - are the servers down? (15 November)

A Lost Ark character standing beneath an enormous dark tower
Credit: Lost Ark

A Lost Ark character standing beneath an enormous dark tower
Credit: Lost Ark

It's not unusual for big-name games with huge player bases to experience the occasional network issue that interferes with your ability to play. It's certainly not something you hope to encounter in your favourite game but is nonetheless one of the more hotly-discussed topics in major titles. We've got you covered, MMO fans, with the server status of Lost Ark!

Whether scheduled maintenance or unexpected errors, we'll keep you up to date with everything that goes on in the Lost Ark servers. There are multiple servers across the numerous continents on the globe, so it's worthwhile keeping track of those that affect you!

An image of a stone city from Lost Ark, including a huge statue of a Knight
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Credit: Lost Ark
Let's hope for a continuous stream of good server health!

Are the Lost Ark servers down?

At the time of writing on 15 November, the servers are down to fix a known error. Downtime has been extended according to the developers.

Now is as good a time as any to be getting into the popular MMO set in the worlds of Arkesia and Petrania. There are green lights across all of the servers worldwide, so you should anticipate a session free of any online turbulence.

The last scheduled maintenance for the game took place recently on October 11, 2023, to keep things tidy. At the time of writing this, there are no additional maintenance outages scheduled for the game.

How to Check the Lost Ark Server Status

Should there be a change in the server status, we'll endeavour to keep you posted! However, you also have the option of checking the official Lost Ark site for the latest updates for every server the game has. They've split up the servers into four continents and split each continent according to the name of each server. There is a handy key at the top to let you know what each symbol indicates!

In addition to the official site, Lost Ark also has an official X page that'll keep you updated on all of the server changes. Whether it be scheduled maintenance or not-so-scheduled errors, the team behind the game endeavours to keep players up to date on their socials.

That's everything you need to know about the Lost Ark servers, but we've got all the latest on the servers of the most popular games on the market. Check out if things are running smoothly on Fallout 76 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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