LOTR: Return to Moria delayed on PS5, still releases before Xbox

lord of the rings return to moria on ps5 gets delayed
Credit: North Beach Games

lord of the rings return to moria on ps5 gets delayed
Credit: North Beach Games

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria isn’t the most exciting title coming out, so a delay for PS5 systems probably won’t break a lot of hearts. While the PC version is still set for release this October, PS5 owners will have to wait a bit more, though Xbox Series owners will wait the most.

Mere days before this title was supposed to come out, developer Free Range Games and publisher North Beach Games announced a delay on Twitter for PS5. According to the post, additional time is needed to “improve various aspects” of the PS5 version, which is now coming out on December 5.

PC players will get to enjoy Return to Moria in a few days, as that version still comes out on October 24 and has gone gold. Since the game’s focus on crafting and exploration is more suited to PC gamers, this makes sense.

The Return to Moria Twitter announces a delay for the PS5 port.
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Credit: LOTR: Return to Moria (Twitter)

Fans weren’t exactly clamoring for more Lord of the Rings games after Gollum proved to be a disaster of a release. It doesn’t help that Return to Moria was announced around the time Gollum became an internet joke, filling fans with dread.

Sony seemingly sees something in the title, as it will be a temporary console exclusive when it comes out this December. Xbox Series fans won’t get a whiff of the Moria mines until 2024, though they might not be missing out on much.

It’s not just Xbox Series owners who are being left out in the cold, as the PC release will be an Epic Store exclusive. At the time of writing, it’s not yet known if this version will come out on Steam or other online PC stores.

While the excitement for Return to Moria hasn’t been great, the game does look like a competent crafting title. Players probably shouldn’t expect a Game of the Year award, but it looks leagues better than Gollum.

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The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria comes to Epic on October 24 and PS5 on December 5.

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