LOOK: Nintendo reveals the horrifying truth beneath Toad's mushroom cap

Lots of people are trying to decide if they want a PS5 or an Xbox Series X. Lots of other people aren't interested in those things and are all about Nintendo instead.

There's a cross-section of both though, that will be interested in finding out that Nintendo doesn't make family games at all, every game they make is a horror game.

You might already be aware of things like the shadows staring in the background of Super Mario Galaxy, or just the entirety of Majora's Mask, so this might not be a surprise.

However, you might not be ready for the truth of Toad.

Toad is not okay and neither are we

Thanks to a special cup that Super Nintendo World will be selling, we can now all bear witness to the horrors of Toad's head.

Please, do not look ahead if you're squeamish or just not ready to have your entire world turned upside down by this horrific reveal.

Right, don't say we didn't warn you.

Just, look at it, why is it like this, what's going on, did we do something to anger the gods and draw in their ire.

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What have we done?

It is with deep regret and humility that we have brought this to your attention. We know not what we've done to deserve this forbidden knowledge, but we can only assume this is the thing that drove those in Bloodborne to the brink.

Perhaps we have angered the older gods and caused them to punish us with this unwanted gift. They say you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but nobody ever told us not to look a gift Toad in the head.

Of course, it might not be a curse at all.

Maybe it's just a cup design. Who knows?

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