Lonely Nerds Expected to Spend Billions on AI Girlfriends

ai girlfriend on the left and ai boyfriend on the right

ai girlfriend on the left and ai boyfriend on the right

Greg Isenberg, a tech exec from Miami, recently took to X and explained how he believes the AI Girlfriend industry will rise up to take a slice of profit from Match Group.

For those unfamiliar, Match Group is the company that owns Tinder, Hinge, Match.com, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, and several others. They currently sit at a market valuation of over $9 Billion USD.

According to Greg, the market is primed and ready for the AI-equivalent of Match Group to rise up and make $1B+. If the concept of AI girlfriends and people who spend on them sounds ridiculous to you, Greg based his assertion off a real-life experience.

His theory comes from a recent conversation with a 24-year-old in Miami. The 24-year-old admitted he spends around $10,000 per month on AI girlfriends.

Greg was initially speechless but then he listed the various reasons provided

  • "Some people play video games, I play with AI girlfriends"
  • "I love that I could use voice notes now with my AI girlfriends"
  • "I get to customize my AI girlfriend. Likes, dislikes etc. It's comfort at the end of the day".

There are currently several AI dating startups. According to Greg, the 24-year-old said "There are a few platforms he likes but he prefers candy dot ai and kupid dot ai"

"In case you were wondering, AI boyfriends exist too. And this category will probably thrive too" he added as he finished his thread of posts.

In a world where we're already critical and seeing the repercussions of dating apps that can at times warp our view of other humans and relationships, AI dating could take this to a whole other level.

It would become something similar to OnlyFans which has managed to carve an audience for itself by providing a more personalized experience to lonely people who craft parasocial relationships with the models.

However, this time there won't be a human you are forming a parasocial bond with. Only the idea of a person(who you can modify at will) is constructed by large language models, image generators, and 1s and 0s under the hood.

Generative AI has come a long way and people are now scrambling to get on the AI Girlfriend hype train. If you don't believe us, there are already lists of the best AI dating apps.

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