Lollipop Chainsaw remaster will have ‘uncensored’ costume for the pervs

lollipop chainsaw remaster continues its pervy ways
Credit: Grasshopper Manufacture

lollipop chainsaw remaster continues its pervy ways
Credit: Grasshopper Manufacture

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Lollipop Chainsaw: RePOP is a remaster many gamers didn’t expect to see, but it’s a welcome one for those who love obscure B-tier action games. While the game is known for its lewdness, the upcoming remaster will have an ‘uncensored’ skin for all the real perverts out there.

Yoshimi Yasuda, the game designer for this remaster, revealed on Twitter that one of the lead character Juliet’s skins is a big rabbit costume. While seeing her kill enemies with this would be fun, Yasuda has also promised an ‘uncensored’ version of this costume, whatever that means.

Since Yasuda said this about a rabbit costume, we can assume that the ‘uncensored’ version will somehow show Juliet in her underwear. It could also be a Playboy bunny outfit, which is a pretty popular sexy outfit in video games, especially those coming out of Japan.

Yoshimi Yasuda hypes up an 'uncensored' costume for a Lollipop Chainsaw remaster.
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Credit: Yoshimi Yasuda (Twitter)

All of this gratuitous fanservice is in-line with the original Lollipop Chainsaw making the remaster incredibly faithful to the 6th generation original. Fans can expect more new skins like these, though they would probably prefer more details on the upcoming remaster.

A 'bunny' costume in Lollipop Chainsaw
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Credit: Dragami Games

It was recently announced that Lollipop Chainsaw: RePOP would be delayed to 2024 for quality control. Considering how the first game was a pretty average hack-and-slash title elevated with some James Gunn writing, the gameplay can definitely be improved. Hopefully, this delay is being done for the right reasons, as the lack of footage and previews has been worrisome.

This remaster is an interesting case since quirky game director SUDA 51 won’t be involved. In fairness, Capcom made the Resident Evil 4 remake without Shinji Mikami and that was still well-received. As long as this title is quality when it comes out, fans won’t mind who is involved or how much fanservice is in it.

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Lollipop Chainsaw: RePOP will be coming out in the Summer of 2024, presumably for current-gen systems.

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