Light Phone 3 is a New Mobile for People Who Hate Smartphones

A person with a tattoo on their arm holding the new Light Phone 3 in their hand, with the main menu on-screen
Credit: Light

A person with a tattoo on their arm holding the new Light Phone 3 in their hand, with the main menu on-screen
Credit: Light

Over the past few years, apps have become integral to our daily routines. Whether you’re chasing TikTok streaks, bombarding ChatGPT 4o with questions, or trying to remember that Threads still exists, apps can consume a significant portion of your time. For some, this can be quite frustrating.

If you’ve grown tired of using the best apps for iPhone or the best apps for Android, your next device might be the upcoming Light Phone 3. Announced on June 11, the third-generation Light Phone aims to strip away all the features that make most phones “smart,” offering an exciting device that purposefully limits your connection to apps and the internet.

The Light Phone 3 comes with a range of upgrades compared to the second-generation version. The e-ink display, with its cumbersome refresh rates, is gone. In its place is a small yet superior 3.92-inch OLED panel. While it’s still black-and-white, this change makes the Light Phone 3 much more appealing, as the e-ink display was arguably the most tedious aspect of the previous device.

Light's latest phone includes a variety of basic tools—flashlight, alarm, calculator, etc.—along with the essential functions you’d expect from a mobile phone, like text messaging and voice calls. It also features a simple music player, but no music streaming apps, which might be a relief if you’re fed up with Spotify’s price hikes like we are.

However, the Light Phone 3 does come with some internal hardware that might enable future updates, such as support for digital wallets thanks to an NFC chip, or the capability for video calls with the front-facing camera. Nevertheless, Light has made it clear that the phone will NEVER support social media or internet browsing, so there will be no doom-scrolling on this device.

That’s the main appeal of such a device. The Light Phone 3 offers more standard smartphone features compared to the Light Phone 2 (which will remain available as an alternative), but the third-generation device should make it easier to transition to a less-involved smartphone. There are no Apple Intelligence or Galaxy AI features here, just a straightforward smartphone that offers the best features of modern mobile devices—without the clutter of extras.

Pre-orders for the Light Phone 3 are now available on Light’s website. It’s priced at $399 for early buyers, but Light suggests the regular retail price at launch will be $799, which is admittedly quite high. If you decide to pre-order, the Light Phone 3 will start shipping in January 2025.

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