How to defeat Hoarding Bug in Lethal Company

Hoarding bug - player standing in suit

Hoarding bug - player standing in suit

Trying to beat those pesky Hoarding Bugs in Lethal Company? These creatures are going to put up a good fight, and that's because they're trying to protect all the scrap that they've been hoarding. In this guide, we will take you through how to defeat the Hoarding Bug in Lethal Company.

These bugs are small in size, which makes them relatively easy to kill, but they're fast. A Hoarding Bug will usually be minding its own business, skittering about in its nest—but if you try to attack it or steal its scrap, it will fight you with every last fibre of its tiny body.

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Hoarding Bug - player prepares to fight
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How to beat a Hoarding Bug in Lethal Company

In the world of Lethal Company, the Hoarding Bugs guard their precious hoard of scrap in abandoned buildings in the facility. If you leave them alone, they won't see you as a threat, but their behaviour changes if you encroach on their sacred hoarding territory.

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When you enter their nest, they attempt to scare you away by running up, moving back, and emitting quiet sounds. Extracting scrap from their stockpile triggers aggression too, and so does standing too close for an extended period.

Dealing with a single Hoarding Bug is manageable, but in groups of three or more, they pose a serious threat, since their attacks can be fatal if prolonged or if your health is low. It's a good idea to drop all scrap from your inventory outside their nest before engaging, minimising the risk of theft.

You can eliminate this foe without much effort in three or four strikes using a melee weapon, as long as you have max health. Although the Hoarding Bug's attacks lack significant strength, extended combat or low health can lead to your demise.

If you're skilled with the shovel, you may also use it to strike the bug—carefully charging a swing, striking, and promptly retreating. With a few hits, you should be able to kill a single, aggressive Hoarding Bug without losing health.

Make sure to plan your escape route if your health is low. As the bug moves faster than you, you can drop low-value or heavy items like keys or metal sheets to distract the Hoarding Bug, who will greedily dash to collect it. This gives you the option to escape unharmed.

However, killing these bugs is worth it, as their nest might have valuable scrap items. After defeating the bug, you can claim the spoils.

That's all for our guide on how to beat the Hoarding Bug in Lethal Company. Now that you know how to defeat these annoying critters, go out there and take their scrap! For more guides on this game, feel free to check out how to respawn in Lethal Company. Also, here is the list of the best Lethal Company mods that you should install.

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