Leaked AMD document advises retailers to avoid NVIDIA-style pre-order mayhem

After the frustrations that many GeForce customers experienced last month in trying to secure a 3080 and 3090, there were fears that the same situation would be rearing its head with AMD’s 6000 GPU series.

Scalpers and other buyers had used bots to quickly buy the available stock of NVIDIA’s newest GPU line, making it unavailable to those who had saved up their money for the 3080 and 3090.

NVIDIA had to apologise and also put back the release date of the 3070 so there would be enough stock. But AMD have seemingly been sharing a note to their retailers about efforts to not repeat last month’s mess.

With that, here’s what the memo says.

Guidelines of a 6000 Scale

Since NVIDIA were caught out by the scalpers, they have been improving their processes for customers to buy a GPU from the 30 Series line, such as captchas and other safeguards on their own store.

However AMD have been sending out a memo that states the following procedures:

  • Purchase Limits - One GPU per customer
  • Reservations - Queue-based notification system for customers to reserve their place and the same price that they saw it for at the time
  • CAPTCHA - Challenge-response tests to determine if the customer is indeed human and not a bot
  • BOT Detection and Management - Sophisticated tools to catch out automated bots about to purchase the upcoming 6000 GPU
  • Manual Order Processing - More secure validation when a customer orders a GPU
  • Inventory to cart allocation - Inventory to match demand on all retail sites
  • Limit Reseller Sales - Three weeks after launch, limit number of sales made to resellers.

Thanks to ‘RedGamingTech’ on YouTube, they obtained the full document that goes further into detail of AMD’s upcoming efforts.

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No Repeat of History

The demand for the new graphics cards are unprecedented in 2020, with many anticipating these updates from both NVIDIA and AMD for a while.

However the scalpers from last month wiped out any chance of a casual customer purchasing a new GeForce 3080, which has frustrated many. With AMD now being more prepared because of this, time will tell if these procedures are going to make an effect against the scalpers and bots.

With AMD announcing their Zen 3 two weeks ago and their release being imminent, it’s crucial that customers have a fair chance of attaining their desired upgrade for their PC as we close out the year.

We are only a week away from AMD’s 6000 GPU event, so we will find out exactly what will be coming, and how many models of the 6000 series will be released before the end of this year.

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