Lawsuit claims Amazon Suicide Kits have led to numerous teen deaths

Suicide continues to be a tragedy plaguing all demographics, Amazon might be helping. Whether intentionally or not, the company is being sued for selling “suicide kits” to numerous teenagers, leading to a number deaths.

According to reports, the company has been selling a deadly chemical that has assisted in numerous suicides, hence the lawsuit. It’s a bad look for the company and they will need one hell of a defense to win this case.

What are Amazon suicide kits?

Ars Technica reports that parents are suing the giant corporation for making sodium nitrite easily available to troubled, suicidal individuals. Unfortunately, many young people ended up buying these suicide kits, leading to loss of life.

“For months, we avoided press attention to this case,” Carrie Goldberg, founder of C.A. Goldberg, PLLC, said in a statement. “But we have reached a breaking point of too many people dying, of medical providers not knowing what is happening or that a treatment protocol exists, and of press spiking stories about it—presumably because of corporate ties to Amazon.”

Goldberg claims that CBS was going to feature this lawsuit on 60 Minutes but canceled it due to interference from higher-ups. Both the parents and Goldberg understood why this happened, saying “everyone is afraid of Amazon,” though that hasn’t stopped them.

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Amazon responds

Naturally, Amazon decided to respond to the lawsuit, claiming they have every right to sell sodium nitrite on their website. In regards to the suicide kits, the company claims that typing “suicide” on their site leads to self-help recommendations popping up.

“Amazon defends its right to sell sodium nitrite (and other products known to be used for suicide) because it says some states immunize defendants that cause a personal injury where that injury occurred during an attempted or completed suicide” says a spokesperson.

Only time will tell how this lawsuit ends, though we extend our condolences to all of those affected by suicide.

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