Late Lance Reddick’s Sylens setup for major Horizon 3 role in just-released DLC

horizon forbidden west burning shores dlc lance reddick sylens
Credit: Guerrilla Games

horizon forbidden west burning shores dlc lance reddick sylens
Credit: Guerrilla Games

The Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC has been finished by some and it teases a major role for Lance Reddick’s Sylens. It’s truly a shame that he left us so soon as there were clearly plenty of plans for the actor in this gaming franchise.


After beating all of Burning Shores’ main quests, a major scene with Sylens takes place (via Sportskeeda). Sylens tells Aloy that he has new information on the Far Zeniths, claiming they may have gained access to a powerful weapon. The character then claims that he might need to go on his own journey and needs Aloy’s help.

It’s a small indication but there may have been plans to make Sylens a playable character in Horizon 3. We could also be reading too much into this and Sylens could simply have a bigger role in the next game. Either way, it really seemed like Sylens would have had more of the spotlight in Guerrilla Games’ next game.

Plans were clearly made to have more Lance Reddick in Horizon 3 so it’s a shame that Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is the last game to feature the late actor. Obviously, that’s no one’s fault but it goes to show how cruel life can be, given that the wheels were in motion for something bigger.

Lance Reddick may be gone but he kept busy in the video game atmosphere before passing away. Bungie confirmed that the actor recorded a number of lines for future Destiny 2 content, so fans of the shooter have more time with him. It was also confirmed that Reddick completed his work for Hellboy Web of Wyrd, where he plays the title character.

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Gaming aside, fans also got to see Reddick in John Wick 4 as one of his most popular characters. For more Lance Reddick, players can pick up Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores right now on PS5, as the DLC isn’t available for PS4 owners.

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