Labour Unions fight back against robot workforces

The issue with complex robotics has always been the replacement of humans. With populations growing and jobs dwindling, many are scared that robots will replace humans everywhere. However, a number of Labour Unions are starting to fight back.

Robots replacing humans?

Via The New York Post, the oncoming fleet of robotic help in multiple job sectors is sparking pushback from Labour Unions. Specifically, the increase of robot helpers in restaurants and hotels are becoming worrisome.

In the United States, robot butlers have started to become more common. If a guest orders room service or requests an extra towel, a robotic helper will deliver it to the door.

The robots are designed to be as cute and friendly as possible. For example, they are decorated to look like a butler with decals showing waistcoats and bow ties. They can even tell guests cheesy jokes.

In response to the increasing robotic workforce, Labour Unions are speaking up. While the groups don’t wish to halt technological process, they feel it should not come at the loss of human jobs during a particularly rough time for millions.

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Labour Unions vs Robots

With robot butlers becoming common in the US, Union leads have shown considerable pushback. In a comment to The New York Times, New York Trades Council head Rich Maroko explained that robots are not offering the same service as human wait staff.

“Automation is often listed as a promising innovation for cutting labor costs in the hospitality industry,” he said. “But anyone who understands the job of a room attendant understands that no robot or technology could possibly replace a human.”

The argument for automated help in hotels comes due to a lack of workers in many establishments. With hotels suffering heavily during the pandemic, many workers were fired with others receiving huge pay cuts. Despite re-opening proper, many hotels have not received many job applicants, likely due to wages still being low.

General manager of the Dream Hollywood hotel, Vaughn Davis, told the outlet: “We are operating right now with 40% less human capital than we had before the pandemic. There are people who simply don’t want to work in hotels anymore.”

International President of Unite Here, D. Taylor, swiftly surmised the situation: ““I know how to get staff. Pay more.”

Robots are rented

Technically, robots are replacing humans in hotels. Robots like the ones in the Dream Hollywood hotel are rented machines. Essentially, they’re paid a wage every month, just like a human.

However, with robots, you can pay them very little. Furthermore, you can be an absolute douche to them without other people finding out and hating you.

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