Kingdom Hearts fans compare Twitter’s X transformation to Organization 13

kingdom hearts fans compare twitters x transformation to organization-13

kingdom hearts fans compare twitters x transformation to organization-13

Twitter has officially become X, which has given Kingdom Hearts fans a chance to reference their favorite evil Organization. Numerous Twitter users are now using hooded figures from Organization 13 as their profile picture now that they’ve found their X (ermm, key).

Since Twitter is officially called X now, fans of the Square Enix/Disney crossover have started trolling the news by acting like the app is Organization 13. Many users quickly changed their profile pictures and started posting memes, which have been hilarious.

Anyone unfamiliar should know that Organization 13 is a group of villains who want to rule the world with darkness in Kingdom Hearts. The group’s leader, Xehanort, is hoping to use darkness and light to summon the x-blade, hence, all of the memes.

Twitter user posts an image of Organization 13 from Kingdom Hearts.
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Credit: @Key_Cast (Twitter/X)
Twitter user posts an Organization 13 hoodie from Kingdom Hearts.
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Credit: @ArtemaSeeker

For even more confusion, x-blade is pronounced as “key-blade” because the small Roman numeral x in Greek can be translated to "chi," which sounds like "key." Why they just didn’t call it the X-Blade or Chi-Blade is beyond us but that’s just how Kingdom Hearts rolls.

It’s all pretty convoluted, just like Kingdom Hearts in general, but this has given fans an excuse to troll Elon Musk. Considering how the billionaire keeps messing this app up, we can’t exactly blame gamers for having fun at his expense.

While not as funny, one Zelda player trolled Elon Musk by building his Japanese name in Tears of the Kingdom and making it explode with bomb arrows. At the time, this was due to Elon Musk limiting the number of tweets for regular users, new users, and even those who signed up for Twitter Blue.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is the most recent entry in the franchise and can be easily purchased on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Kingdom Hearts 4 was revealed not too long ago but still has no release date.

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