KFC Philippines is making an AI-generated movie

kfc philippines ai movie
Credit: KFC/Steve Johnson (Unsplash)

kfc philippines ai movie
Credit: KFC/Steve Johnson (Unsplash)

AI-generated content continues to be a controversial topic in various industries and KFC Philippines isn’t helping out with that sentiment. The company recently announced that they’re making an AI-generated film and they want “you” to be a part of it.

On their official Twitter page, the company asks players to fill out a blank space with the name of a character. Said character will have a small chance of appearing in this so-called “film,” though one has to wonder why anyone would be attached to a random name they came up with.

Fans will be able to see the film from KFC Philippines soon, but the promotion has gained a ton of criticism. Like anything involving AI, many are wondering why the company doesn’t just shoot a commercial with actual actors. They could also ask a studio to animate it if they’re hell bent on it being CGI, but that doesn’t appear to be happening.

Considering how controversial AI continues to be, seeing a major corporation openly advertise a film made with one is pretty disappointing. Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend that won’t be ending anytime soon, despite numerous voices protesting against the lifeless movement.

In fact, KFC Philippines isn’t the country’s only major company that’s openly using AI and announcing it to the public. The GMA Network recently unveiled Maia and Marco, two AI newscasters who, well, report the news. While GMA was quick to say that this isn’t replacing actual journalists, many are hesitant to trust the company.

The influence of AI isn’t limited to the Philippines, as we’ve seen various companies around the world use content created by them. Disney has been incredibly guilty of this, using AI to make the opening of Secret Invasion, the poster of Loki Season 2, and recently “drawing” a thanksgiving image with Disney characters.

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KFC Philippines isn't the first company to use AI and they won’t be the last, unfortunately. Hopefully, artists keep their voices against AI loud so that companies fear using them in the future.

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