Justice League's Cyborg deserves an “awesome" solo film, says Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder's Justice League had a lot to do. Not only did Snyder's film have to tell a compelling superhero story, but it also had to introduce multiple characters. Unlike Marvel's Avengers, three of Justice League's title characters had yet to be seen on screen: The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.

In the face of this, a heavy emphasis was placed on the character on Cyborg. Despite everything, the robotic hero was essentially the movie’s main character. The director made doubly sure that the character was the movie's emotional core.

Snyder wants to see a Cyborg solo film

Zack Snyder may be distanced from Warner Bros' future DC plans, but the director still has wishes for the universe. With The Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman all continuing their adventures in the DCEU, Snyder wants the same for Cyborg.

Revealed in an interview with Zavvi, Snyder revealed that he's simply interested in seeing these characters evolve individually. While the director may not be able to create the stories he wanted to tell, he's still intrigued at where Warner Bros could take them.

“Listen: what I want the characters to do next... I’m interested in them thriving,” Snyder explained. “I’m interested in an amazing Aquaman movie, a Wonder Woman 3, and The Flash, and I think they should make a Cyborg movie as far as I’m concerned. That makes a lot of sense, especially after seeing this movie. Obviously, Cyborg would be the next movie because he’s so awesome.”

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Ray Fisher and Warner Bros

A movie about this character is likely not going to happen, especially with Ray Fisher at the role. Following Fisher's exposure of Warner Bros' and Joss Whedon’s horrible treatment of the Justice League cast, the actor has been pushed out. In fact, while he was meant to revise his role in The Flash, he's now been removed from the movie.

With this in mind, we're likely not seeing a Ray Fisher led movie, which is a massive shame. Maybe one day we'll see the actor in the DCEU again. However, that all depends on Warner Bros.

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