Justice League's cut John Stewart gets full finished look at Zack Snyder event

Zack Snyder's Justice League was supposed to be the full unfiltered vision of Warner Bros' colossal DC superhero team up. At 4-hours in length, the Snyder Cut includes most of Zack Snyder's wishes for the DCEU. However, it didn't include the director’s version of John Stewart.

With Warner Bros close to releasing their own Green Lantern show for HBO Max, the studio wasn't happy with Snyder using the character. Even though John Stewart is a different version of Green Lantern, the studio still refused. However, Snyder has shown fans his Lantern anyways.

Zack Snyder reveals John Stewart

During a screening for Snyder's new Army of the Dead movie, the director showed fans a finished version of John Stewart. While we’ve previously seen concept art and greenscreen videos of the character, this is the first finished look.

Unfortunately, footage of the scene is very low quality. However, we do now have a good look at what Snyder's Green Lantern would’ve looked like in costume. It's a good look for the character, far better than Ryan Reynolds’ infamous performance.

In the final version of Justice League, John Stewart’s appearance was replaced by Martian Manhunter. The scene has Manhunter meeting Ben Affleck's Batman after the battle with Steppenwolf. This might've made more sense for a Green Lantern to appear, but it works fine either way.

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Plans for Green Lantern on screen

Warner Bros is in the midst of developing a Green Lantern movie, and HBO Max has its Green Lantern show. WB's Green Lantern Corps film will feature both Hal Jordon and John Stewart as main protagonists. 

The movie is set to be written by Green Lantern comics writer Geoff Johns. Johns was a producer on Ryan Reynolds’ 2011 Green Lantern movie. However, for this upcoming movie, the writer allegedly has full creative control.

Green Lantern Corps was meant to release last year. Of course, due to one big reason, all of Warner Bros' films were delayed. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't currently have a release date.

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