Just Dance VR isn’t dead, but it’s probably a Meta Quest exclusive

Three Just Dance VR characters posing in a colourful background

Three Just Dance VR characters posing in a colourful background

The Ubisoft VR dancing game Just Dance VR is still in active development. No longer a Pico exclusive, the virtual reality game is being worked on with a “new partner in mind”.

While not betting big on virtual reality, Ubisoft is supporting standalone headsets like the Meta Quest 2. Just last week, the studio released Assassin’s Creed Nexus, a virtual reality spin-off for Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3 headsets.

Via UploadVR, Ubisoft has confirmed that its next VR conversion, Just Dance VR, is still planned to release. Originally a Pico VR exclusive, the game was scrapped from the brand’s exclusive lineup following a wave of layoffs earlier this year.

When asked if the studio was still working on the upcoming dance title, a Ubisoft spokesperson confirmed the game is still in development, albeit with a new partner for publishing.

“We are working with a new partner for Just Dance VR and we’ll have more details, including the release date, at a later time,” Ubisoft confirmed.

With the success of Assassin’s Creed Nexus just in the rear view, it makes sense for the new Just Dance game to be published by Meta. While not confirmed at the time of writing, Meta is pretty much the only other publishing partner still working on gathering exclusive software for its VR platform.

Alongside Just Dance, Meta is also working on a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR conversion. Announced last year, the open world crime game’s VR port has been relatively silent since its reveal.

Unfortunately, while a great piece of VR hardware, the Meta Quest 3 has released to middling response. The virtual reality headset has been met with poor sales leading to a massive reduction in supply. This has led Meta to continue development on the Meta Quest 3 Lite, a cutdown version of the headset that can be sold cheaper, especially with the standard headset costing as much to make for Meta as it costs for users to buy one.

The Meta Quest 3 is now available to purchase for $499.99.

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