Jump VR Skydiving launching this year: What is it, and where can you do it?

Virtual Reality offers the chance to truly immerse yourself in something completely different.

It's not just off-world fantasies or fighting orcs either though, there are plenty of real-world experiences that it can make easy to dip in and out of, providing you can afford the buy-in cost of a high-end PC and a headset.

Well, there are also a few VR attractions dotted around, and one of those that we're keeping an eye on is Jump.

So, here's everything you need to know about Jump VR Skydiving.

What is Jump VR Skydiving?

The idea behind it according to Limitlessflight.com, the website for the idea "Imagine being able to perform one of the world’s most dangerous and technically difficult stunts with little to no training, no parachuting experience, no cost for equipment and setup, and no risk of death trying to pull it off. What would you do (and how much would it cost) for such an experience?"

The site gives no real idea of what this whole thing is going to involve, but it does involve a diagram with someone in a wingsuit and a VR headset.

We reckon it's likely going to be indoor skydiving but with a VR headset on to give the view, you would have when actually skydiving.

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Where and when can you try out Jump VR Skydiving?

Who knows.

Seriously, there's no indication of where or when you'll be able to try this thing that we don't actually know what it is.

The core idea seems fun though, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. If you've never tried it, we recommend indoor skydiving at some point when this whole not being able to leave the house thing is over.

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