Jason Momoa helped write Aquaman 2 and he loves it

DC's Aquaman movie was an awesome blockbuster release for Warner Bros. While some mocked the existence of an Aquaman movie, Jason Momoa's portrayal of the underwater hero instantly changed the public's view of the character.

For Aquaman 2, Jason Momoa is returning to the character in an all new adventure. However, the actor isn't just acting in the upcoming film. In fact, Momoa helped to write the hotly-anticipated sequel.

Jason Momoa helped write Aquaman 2

In an interview with Drew Barrymore, Momoa explained that Aquaman 2’s plot is partly his idea. After the first movie, Momoa and his writing partner came up with an idea for a sequel. Furthermore, the actor loved their idea so much he helped to pen the script.

“After we ended the first one I went in with my writing partner and we dreamed up the second one and we went in and pitched the idea,” Momoa said. “The best thing I can give you is that I love it so much that I participated in the writing of it. And so, we did the first treatment and then James and our original writer David finished it off and all of our hearts are in it."
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Momoa hasn't released any details on the movie outside of the fact that it is a sequel. The first movie ended rather peacefully with most major conflicts resolved. However, that doesn't mean there aren't new stories to tell in this universe.

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What is Aquaman 2 about?

Details on the upcoming Aquaman sequel are currently very sparse. We do know that Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and Owen Wilson are all returning for the sequel. However, it's been reported that Amber Heard will be taking a backseat for Aquaman 2.

According to IMDB, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is returning as Black Manta. At the time of writing, it's not clear if Black Manta is the main villain of the movie or if he'll be a secondary villain again.

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